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Dr. Eskayvie - The Researcher & Formulator

Dr. Syid Ayob Mustafa Al-Qudri (MD VUB BRUSSELS, BELGIUM) Dr. Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al-Qudri is a graduate of Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium in medicine. He has extensive experience as a medical officer and has served at Penang Hospital and Kangar Hospital, Perlis. As an expert in modern medicine, alternative and anti-aging is based on biotechnology, he shows the involvement in medical research and development (R & D).  

His strengths, experience and expertise have attracted attention as he is often invited to make various television programs to deliver a wide range of health and beauty information such as in Magazine 3, Talk, Today's Women, Agro Journal, Oat Coffee O, Today's Business, Money Tree, Medic TV, Happy Morning Malaysia and others. He is also a regular columnist for various print media such as Weekly Women, Harmony, Maskulin and Nona. Dr. Ayob's extensive research and product formulation for almost 20 years have made him a specialist in the spreading and cultural innovation of health and beauty values.

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1. Cleanse & Detox

Eskayvie Nutrelle Extra helps to cleanse our bowel, blood and liver completely free of food additives and toxins.

2. Cell Renewal

Eskayvie Phytax is a combination of natural plant and fruit substances nutrients which have powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants & Telomerase Activator for cell renewal.

3. Cell Rejuvenation

AstaREAL®P2AF is a high-quality Redianze Platinum active ingredient that showcases the power of combating free radical agents in the body for cell rejuvenation.

4. Active Lifestyle

Staying active is one of the most important ingredients of a healthy life. This becomes particularly important as you age. 

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100% Natural Ingredients


Steroid Free